So many times, we pray and praise God when our prayers are answered.  And so many times, we cry out, “Lord, where are  you?  Why haven’t you answered my prayers?”

Most of us know that we don’t always get what we ask for, or we get what we ask for but in a different form that what we were praying to happen.  We praise God when our prayers are answered the way we expect them to be.  But sometimes Our Lord has other plans for us….better plans!  I challenge you to write out four lists for yourself.

First, list all that you are praying about or have prayed for in life.  This will take some time, think back over the years of your life and write them all out.

The second list is for all of the prayers that have been answered for you, just the way you wanted them to be (praise God).

The third is for prayers not answered yet. (Keep praying, in faith, telling God you know he is working to set things up in your favor!)

The fourth is the most important one of all.  It is for those prayers that were answered (and you are living abundantly because of it) but not in the way _you_ thought they should be answered.

Take a look at that fourth list.  Really think about how God’s way was better than your way.  Then praise Him, Joyfuls.  Shout it from the roof tops.  Let Him know that you are so grateful for how He has taken care of  you.  “Thank you, Lord, it all turned out PERFECTLY for me.”

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