It is true that your work is not who  you are, it’s what you do.  You are much more valuable as a person than any title you may have in the world of work.  Yet, our jobs are an important AOF™ (area of focus) in our lives.  Whether we are stay-at-home parents, ditch diggers, movie stars or professionals in business, we will not feel a true sense of joy if we have not made an informed decision surrounding our work choices.  How do we do that?

The first thing to do is gather information about ourselves.  What are our values, interests, personality types, and talents?  In my seven years as a Career Consultant, I was able to experience the joy my clients felt once they focused on these four key points of information and how they overlapped.  With this knowledge, they moved on to making the best decision possible for themselves concerning their career choices.  You can do this too.

Take some time to find out what your values are in life (location, prestige, financials, people?) there are tools available online (do a search on free values inventories) to assist you in narrowing down  your key values.  Next, consider what interests you the most.  Working with your hands? Theoretical concepts? Teaching? Speaking or writing?  You can take an online interest inventory such as the one based on Holland’s RIASEC codes to determine your top interests.  Once you have a good feel for your interests and values, take an online test such as Myers-Briggs to figure out your personality style.  For example, are you introverted or extraverted? This will make a difference in choosing work in certain fields.  Finally, consider your aptitudes and natural talents.  What have you always been good at? What types of activities come easily and naturally to you?  It is best to take some sort of objective assessment on aptitudes, but if you aren’t able to do that, spend time thinking subjectively about which natural abilities you possess.  You may want to ask friends and family what they have noticed about you in this area, as well.

Once you have your interests, personality style, values and abilities before you, begin to look for overlapping themes among them.  This is how you will figure out the best options for you as far as educational and career choices.  I say options, because there will be a few ideas that arise for you.  Take those ideas and investigate them.  Narrow down your choices based on the research you do, and you will be making the best decision possible for yourself.  Keep in  mind that your choices may change throughout the years, and repeat the process above as necessary.  If you need guidance and assistance through this process, contact me at to set up a session with me. I can help you through the results you get and assist you in narrowing down your choice.

Knowing that you have made the best decision possible for yourself in the world of work and having a plan for your future work life helps bring JOY in every other aspect of your life. You deserve the peace that comes with knowing you have made the best choice for yourself in the world of work!Overlap

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