Life is hard.  And there is always something to get done.  In short, it can be a bit overwhelming.  I mean, we have our immediate families to deal with, intimate relationships, work, school, friends, tending to our emotional and physical health, taking care of pets and kids, paying bills, taking care of our homes, trying to stay organized….ugh!  Deep breath.  Then there are the extra things we take on because we enjoy them…scrapbooking, learning a language, playing a musical instrument, volunteer work, reading.  Or perhaps you write, as I do.  All of this can take a toll on us, whether or not we find the tasks enjoyable.

What do you do when you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what to do first?  How do you think of ideas and problem solve and get through the mountain of tasks ahead of you?  I can tell you what I do.  I pray. And I meditate.  And even so, at times I feel lost.  This morning, while contemplating a problem I’m trying to solve in my life and praying, these words came to me.  “It’ll pop up to you”.  I giggled and continued praying, and guess what?  The words “popped” into my head again, “It’ll pop up to you.”  So I sat with that a while, and continued to pray and meditate.  Suddenly, the path I was going to take became clear.  I was astounded!  In an instant, the answer certainly did pop up to me.  I wondered why I hadn’t realized it sooner?  After all, answer was so simple!

So what are you struggling with?  Are you overwhelmed? What answers do you need?  What problems do you need solved?  Pray, meditate, repeat.  Believe it or not, it’ll pop up to you.

Joyful Soul: A Promise Worthy of Trust

is a self-help book about how to follow your dreams while at the same time living holistically. It is designed to inspire you to set goals in order to get the greatest satisfaction from every vital area of your life, with an emphasis on a strong spiritual core and psychological well-being. 

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